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Seva Consultancy specialises in offering superior domestic help services for people based in Chennai, India. Our team includes background-verified and dedication & trained maids, cooks, babysitters and caretakers, who focus on providing superior domestic help assistance to clients from varied sectors. Our staffs provide residential housekeeping, cloth washing/ironing, gardening, babysitting, cooking, elderly care, physiotherapy, physical disability care, mental illness/ailment care, post-surgical care and other related services. We offer 100% secured & guaranteed services. Service charges applicable below categories. a) Maids cooking service b) Babysitter c) Maids for domestic work Service charge pay once service starting time. One month salary for Six months contract. Three type package's available: 1. One month salary one time payment for six months 2. Pay 50% for each 3 months.3. Pay monthly basis. Home nursing services package 1) Salary plus service charges on monthly basis. 2) Salary based on patients care & conditions. Feel free contact 24 hours; we let you know complete details.


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